Monday, February 16, 2009

Crocheted skirt!

Nowadays I'm crocheting a skirt, with Sinfonia yarn in orange. I'm not quite sure I like it that much now that I have done most of it but I'll finish it and see... Here are some photos of the project and how it is looking...

Also, I want to go back to an old proyect I have with yo-yo quilting I started it before even knowing that was the name for that technique. I'm making flowers, all of them are different, and some day I will make a bed cover. This are some of the flowers I´ve made:

I have a lot of this flowers made but still not enough for a bed cover...

Oh... the crochet pattern will be ready soon!

Happy crocheting!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Warm accesories, loom knitting

This is what I'm up to this days, I've been loom knitting hats and scarves:

I´ve had this loom for a while now, but just recently learned how to loom knit, pretty easy and nice.

There are tons of patterns and tutorials in case you want to lean. If you like crafts like me, I´m sure you will enjoy learning and creating new things, and even if you don't, I taught my husband and he made a scarf for his mom!

So I just came by to say Hi! and tell you that I´m already planning on posting a crochet pattern... I just need to do the final touches to the text and will be posting it soon!

See you soon!

Happy Crocheting or loom knitting!

A Colorful Start

Hello there! I´d like to share some of my creations and fun discoverings in regards of crafts, specially crochet! Come around if you want to find some ideas, some free patterns and also links to nice things to do!

How cool all we can create with some yarn and a hook! I made this rainbow and cloud pillows for a friend, and when I finished them, I really wanted to keep them... (this happens to me very often!)

My reasons for this blog

 Sometimes, I feel like not enough people share my love for crafts, specially crochet, so I want to share my creations and spread the love!
Also, as I like crocheting a lot I´ve looked for lots of patterns around, downloaded many. Sometimes I find just what I need, thanks to kind people who share their patterns. Some other times I finish making my own version of whatever I´m crocheting, in such cases I try to write down the patterns but I´m very bad at that so hopefully this blog will help me keep track of the patterns and make them available to others.

Happy crocheting!