Monday, June 27, 2011

A lot in my plate!

I'm really busy this days!

I have a full agenda on regular basisand with all I have to do, time to crochet seems not readily available, but I love it! Thats my quiet time!

So I manage to I steal a little time here and there to crochet a little bit, and still, is hard to finish all projects I have!

That is why I don't post as often as wished...

Ok, said that,this is what I've been up to in the past days:

My mother bought me a double ended crochet book, so I used my looped hooks to make a stationary case, this project was fast and very cool... I woke up in the morning with no case for my pens and later in the afternoon it was completed!

 I also made this pillow, this was a short project too. First I cut the two side pieces from a nice beige fabric and made a blanket stitch around one of the sides like in this link, then used this stitch as the foundation chain to start crocheting with single stitch around, made 6 rows and then sewed the other side and the elastic band... It is intended to be used as a car pillow.

This is not a new project but on the same line, it was fast to make, I made it for a friend at work:

Now, I'll keep posting on old projects I had made:

Clown fish like Nemo.  I will be posting the pattern in a future post :0)

This little Monkey is another one of the amigurumis I have made:

more will be posted soon...

Now what I'm up to: I'm almost done with Towelie, and working on the gift for my pregnant friend, I'm making her and the baby a little planes mobile, also I'm working on a plane for another friend, which should look like a Grumman AA- 5A, and making some fridgies.

Ok, see you soon!

Pd. for the person who asked, the Gir pattern I used is this. This pattern is good, still I made a few changes to it like the ears and zipper... any questions just ask! I think you have to register in order to be able to see the pattern but anyway this is a good place to find patterns and share.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A lovely letter...

I have another new project to start: towelie from southpark, and a gift I'm making for a friend, who is pregnant.

I also just wanted to show you one of the things I´ve been making:

Pretty sweet right?...
See you soon... :0)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Amigurumi pictures

I've been crocheting a lot...
Recently I have been asked what kind of thingies can I make so I just came by to add some photos of things I've made, of course not all of them are my own patterns, some of them I found on Crochet pattern central,  they have a large directory of links to different webpages that share crochet patterns for free, including this blog, to be honest that is the first place I go when I'm looking for a pattern...

Another place with cute patterns is: Lion brand yarn's website

Here are some of the cuties I´ve made:

I will be publishing more later on... also I'm working on new patterns to share, bye now!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My sister is right... I want them all!

Nurse is ready, but I'm not.... I'm not ready to let her go... T_T
It turned out to be very cute:

I had never made a doll with hair before, it was fun to add the hair and I even had to cut her hair at the end... 
I made her this little nurse cap, very much like a real one, it turned out so cute that it deserved its own photo:

Nice talking to you... bye!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Passed out mushroom: done little nurse: 90% completed

I finished the crazy mushroom and it turned out so funny! His face looks really like he was partying way too much!

The nurse its almost done I'll be finishing it today, I already made all body and head, even the little bag she has but still missing her arms and nurse cap...
I have not finished because I'm been doing other small stuff, I made an amigurumi bone.
I forgot to take a picture of it but here's the link where I got the pattern: Throw me a bone, preferably this smiling crocheted one

I also made a small one, and a sweetheart... 

Bye for now!