Thursday, June 2, 2011

My sister is right... I want them all!

Nurse is ready, but I'm not.... I'm not ready to let her go... T_T
It turned out to be very cute:

I had never made a doll with hair before, it was fun to add the hair and I even had to cut her hair at the end... 
I made her this little nurse cap, very much like a real one, it turned out so cute that it deserved its own photo:

Nice talking to you... bye!

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  1. I would like your pattern for the Nurse amigurumi. My daughter is a nurse and I want to make one for her. I found a pattern for a stethoscope and I plan on making one of those also. I want to give them to her for Christmas 2011. I really like your pattern better than any I have seen so far as it's very neat and cleanly done. Thank you for making the pattern and I hope you will share.