Friday, July 29, 2011

Fly to the sky

I've finished the baby mobile for my friend who is pregnant, she says is a boy, so I wanted to make something cute for her little baby.

I saw this beautiful crib bumper:

So I was inspired to make her a mobile that matches it:

Here is the link to download my pattern: Little planes baby mobile
The pattern only includes the little plane pattern, I made 4 little planes and a cloud, the cloud is from this Rainbow mobile pattern. Link to pattern here

I had made it for my first baby:

(Update: explanation for the mobile top part on the post called Updates)

Talking about planes I finished the plane I was working on, the one that should look like the Grumman AA-5A, I think it looks very much like it:

This is a real Grumman AA 5-A:

The one I was making, inspired on a real plane has a different design, that is why the blue lines don't look the same

Bye for now... yarn and hook are calling me...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More haste, less speed

After some problems i had with the computer... I'm glad to introduce to you my newest pattern:
Hello Kitten and friends fridgies
This is my first PDF pattern but if it works fine I will probably keep posting them the same way.

Update (Feb, 2015): I've noticed that a lot of people have not been able to download this pattern from the site I placed it, so I converted it to Jpeg to add it here on the same post, check the images at the end of the post. hope this solves the problem!

This is what the fridgies look like:

Hope you enjoy it! Any questions... just ask!