Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mountain to Climb

I have decided to finish old proyects so they're not in my shoulders any more and then I will be able to start others I've had in mind since long time ago... I plan to enjoy each step as I climb this mountain! I'll conquer my time and my lots of unfinished proyects, plus a few small proyects that I have not started yet but already have a deadline....

 I'll keep you posted on the improvement!

This time I also wanted to share a pattern I had made a few months ago: Towel-E. I'm sure you recognize it from somewhere...

I also made this  angry bird. I think he is very nice when he is happy:

But then I think I made him angry!

I will like to do a green pig in the future, maybe later on

The red cardinal is not my own pattern I downloaded it from pdf-txt
Ok see you soon...

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