Thursday, October 6, 2011


Since I started to write the last blog I am happy to anounce I have finished 3 projects:

Spider was made with knifty knitter blue loom and legs are crocheted chains, has black-button eyes, eight: like real spiders and a smile embroidered with red yarn.


Bunny was made crocheted, firts I made a pear shaped body, and four same size legs, I made 2 half circles for the thigh part of the legs, tail is a pom-pom, 2 long bunny ears and face was embroidered because was made for a 3 year old girl, I made it colorful, with diferent colors of yarn so it will stand up between all other monochromatic bunnies.

Crocodile sleepers:

Crocodile sleepers turned to be cuter than how I thought them would be. I made the green sole and upper part of the sleepers with green yarn I glued them to a brown foam sole that I cut myself, and manually sew all borders with tranparent nylon or fishing cord, to keep both pieces together. Then I made 2 crocodile heads: 2 little 6 scs circles for each one (placed on front as nose holes), 2 white 6scs circles to use as eyes with a black beads as the pupils, 2 little legs for each croc, and embroidered the teeth with white yarn. 

Answering previous questions:
The thing I used for the baby mobiles looks like this:

I bought it on a craft store, its like a wire frame that looks like an umbrella...
What I made with it is that I covered it with fabric, first I measured the frame circunference (purple) and the lenght of the rays (red), the cut a rectangle on the facbric leaving extra fabric on the upper and lower side to fold back and sew and also some seam allowance on all sides

 Then I turned it around and sew sides to form a cilinder, if you are an experienced seamstress or you will like a neater look, then you can make a french hem (in that case remember to leave enough fabric for the hem), I learned to make it from this baby sling pattern in case you'll like to learn.

Then I folded the upper and lower edges to sew them on the whong side, forming a space, like the one on curtains, to put some elastic band inside it.

If you have issues to find the wire frame I found you can use this same idea with other frames like this:
I hope this anwers your question...

Now, there was another person saying that cannot download the patterns, it doesn't say exactly why but I'll explain quickly how does it work.
When you click on the link I place on my blog it will redirect you to 4 shared website, where I had uploaded my patterns, then you'll see a screen showing this:

Then you'll click on the blue rectangle, mine is in spanish but yours probably appears in english, it will say download now, or something like that, then it will take you to a screen with a count down, in this case it was 20 seconds... you wait and will see the link like in the second rectangle:

You click on the link and then will see a promt like the last one wher you choose to save... I'm not sure if its in spanish for everybody or if you see it in english but it will look pretty much the same, anyway now you know how it looks... hope this helps too....

Ok bye for now, need to go back to my projects and stuff...