Saturday, August 25, 2012

3 amigos!

Hi there!
I wanted to show this cute amigurumis I made: a turtle, a puppy and a bunny. Here are the links to the patterns I used, I found all this patterns thru

Here: the 3 amigos 

fred-turtle (although I didnt call it Fred)

bunny-amigurumi (I added a color circle on its belly as well a some color stripes on its ears)

I also finished the rainbow baby afghan, the picture was hard to get complete...

This is my favorite part of it: 

I also finished one of my old proyects, A girl's dress, I'm pretty happy of how it turned out:

as you can see, I crocheted the upper part while sew the lower part.

this is a close up to the stitch used, two rows of dcs and 2 rows of star stitch: 
 This is the back of the dress:

Ok, I hope you liked it! I will be posting the cloud pattern for the small clouds I made on my mobiles, which is not mine but aparently is not available anymore... and the pattern for the little nemo, you had requested and I have promised.

See you soon!