Friday, February 8, 2013

I admire weekly bloggers...

I do, when I'm looking for an specific pattern on the internet I ran into a lot of blogs, on some of them you can see there is a post every week, some times twice a week... I wish I could do that!

Here's some stuff I've made recently:

 This pattern is from Wolfdreamer, I recommend you to check out that blog, it has a lot of nice patterns.

Winnie the Pooh inspired bear:

 This is from a journal published in spanish, called Bienvenidas, I found it on Picassa, it is in spanish but has easy to follow graphics. Here is what I found on Picassa:

 This Totoro I made following this pattern, from Lucy Ravenscar.


The idea was to make the pie and the ingredients you need to make it, also you will notice two of them are in spanish: AZUCAR (sugar), which I tried to make so it looked like a brand of sugar you can buy here, and HA RI NA (flour), which resemble a well known brand of flour.


This is the pattern I used to do it.

ok thats all for now...

happy crocheting!