Thursday, April 30, 2015

Baby booties and Cocoa oatmeal cookies: Nice and Yummy!

Hello there! I hope you are all fine!

I´ve been wanting to post this patterns for a lot of time now.
The problem is most of my patterns look like this:

I usually write them in any piece of paper I have on hand while I´m creating. Now I´m trying to retrieve all this information. I hope to share more, more easily fin the future...

That said it took me time to write this two patterns I´m about to share.

But before I share the booties patterns, I´d like to share a cookies recipe, the picture does not make them justice, but this cookies turned out so good that I still wanted to share the recipe, I had a recipe for oatmeal cookies but I wanted to make them with cocoa, so I made some variations and they turned out delicious!

This cookies are thin and crispy and have a yummy cocoa flavor! I hope you make them and like 'em, If you do make them I´d love to hear about that too :-)

Cocoa oatmeal crispy cookies

1 1/2 bars of margarine
1 cup of sugar
1 egg
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 cups quick-cooking oats
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

- Mix oats, sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking soda and set apart 
- Cream margarine and sugar.
- Beat in egg and vanilla.
- Add dry ingredients to cream mixture, little by little
- Grase baking sheet and lay batter with a spoon, flatten with the help of a fork and leave enough space between cookies as this tend to grow considerably.
- Bake at 180C (350F) for about 10 minutes. Be careful not to burn them as they are bark brown and will be hard to tell if they get lightly or heavily browned!
- Place on cooling racks, let them cool down, they will be soft at the begining and then will become crispie.
- Enjoy! 

Now back to the baby booties...

Very useful baby booties
The first pattern I´m going to share is for a simple to crochet baby booties I created. I call them Very useful baby booties, because they where so simple to make and are so useful to keep babies feet 

(this photo is missing the shoe laces)

Here is a picture of some other versions I´ve made:

The red white blue are a bigger size (3-6 months old) and the colorful ones where ment to look like sneakers. They are all made with the same pattern but I liked to change colors so they look different, The pattern is given to make them plain but you can play with the color arrangement. Also I suggest you can add an embellisment like a flower or a pom-pom like the ones in the photo at the begining of the post.

I´d also like to share how I made the pom-poms, cause I´m really happy of how they turned out, I had tried to make pom-poms before but they always fell apart because the knot to tie all the strands was not strong enough, but this time I was determined to make better pom-poms! I searched for a better knot in this book...

...and I found it! It´s called The Constrictor Knot, what a name for a knot! Sounds exactly like the kind of knot I was looking for!
So first to tie the knot, I followed the instructions in this video to make the pom-pom, and used The Constrictor Knot and then a regular knot instead of two regular knots like the video shows. 

 Here are the indications for the knot, directly from the book:

Here I show one pom-pom after I made The Constrictor Knot...
 ...after that I just finished like the video shows :-)

Link to the Very useful baby booties, here. I use 4 shared to storage my patterns, It works for me, but in the past, specifically for one of my posts there where problems to download the pattern so if you have trouble, please let me know.

Now the second pair of booties...

Granny square baby booties

In this pattern, I explain step by step how to assembly the booties which is the trickiest part, over all they are very easy to make, and you can make them with granny squares, or any kind of squares as long as they are the size given.

Link to Granny square baby booties, in case you want to use regular granny squares: here.

I hope you like them! 

Happy crocheting... and baking if you like!