Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas is here!

This time, the pattern, it is for a pair of mini mittens, this could be used as a tree ornament or a last minute embelliment for a gift (instead of the classical ribbon bow) :-D

Before the pattern I just want to mention a couple of granny square stockings I made, and a couple of cute snowmans with a tutorial to make them.

I wanted the stockings to be colorful and not just red/green:

This stocking was made following this inspiration:

 I did mine a little smaller, and joined in a diferent way but is basically the same pattern, this is how it looked while joining:

Here I was trying different ways of joining

Now this other stocking...

was made following this pattern:

In my stocking, again. I joined a different way and made it shorter:

"join as you go method" closer view

I found this ways to join on a website that has 12 ways to join granny squares, was very useful for me so here´s the link for you to take a look at it: 12 ways to join granny squares by craftpassion

Next project I  made...

was inspired by:

This pattern can be found on Repeat Crafter MeThere you can find a lot of great patterns and ideas, you probably have seen it already! 
I made the snowmans and scarfs following the pattern on that link, just I didn´t add the buttons on the belly, added arms and made different hats with pompoms. The original pattern is great but I made a few changes for my snowmans so in case you want to know about them: Here is how I did my changes:

mittens: (2 for each snowman)
4 sc in magic ring, join (4 sc)
ch1, 2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc around, join (6sc)
ch1, sc around. join (6sc)
ch1, 2 sc tog, sc in next sc, around, join (4sc)

hat: (one for each snowman)
4sc in magic ring (4sc)
sc around (4sc)
2 sc in next, sc in next sc around (6sc)
sc around (6sc)
2 sc in next, sc in next 2 sc around (9sc)
sc around (9sc)
2 sc in next, sc in next 3sc around (12sc)
sc around (12sc)
2 sc in next, sc in next  4sc around (15sc)
sc around (15sc)
2 sc in next, sc in next 5sc around (18sc)
sc around (18sc)
2 sc in next, sc in next 6sc around (21sc)
sc around (21sc)
2 sc in next, sc in next 7sc around (24sc)

I made the pompoms with the method I explained in a previous post.

This is how I added the hands, first I made a brown cord, you can use a very thick yarn, and passed it from side to side of the snowman using the same crochet hook I used to make the snowman:

(loving that placemat  huh? )

(changed to blue hat here)

I measured the length needed by passing the arms around the second snowman to see how long the arms had to be, and made knots on both sides of the brown cord. Then I passed a sewing needle with thread through the knot on one end of the cord (that knot will function as the hand inside the mitten):

and then passed it inside the fist mitten, to pull the "hand" inside the mitten:

It looks like the needle in the photo is wrong: the hand should enter by the open side

It should look like this after the hand is pulled inside the mitten and after that thead the second mitten passing the needle from the closed side to tthe open side:

and back to yellow...

Now, pass the needle through the second knot/hand, and back to the mitten to pull second hand inside the mitten:

after pulling the second hand inside the mitten, fasten off in the middle of the two mittens, and weave in ends:

I wanted to combine them and added the blue pompom to the yellow hat, and viceversa, so when they are hugging each other the mittens of one combine with the pompom on the other:

To make them hug, just pass the arms of each one around the other snowman!

Ok after this short (?) tutorial I´ll share the little mittens pattern, here they are!:

(photo is a little too shiny, sun was super bright at that moment)

and here is the pattern: 

Again as a jpeg so it is easily saved, please let me know how this works... Hope you enjoy it and merry christmas!

Happy crocheting!

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