Sunday, December 6, 2015

We all live in a yellow submarine

Haha... this is a short post just to share a simple pattern to crochet  cute baby booties inspired by the yellow submarine song by The Beatles.

(Before we move to the pattern, I just want to anounce that a christmas post will come soon, with a cute pattern, please keep on checking for that!)

In the past I had made this yellow submarine bag:

But now I made this by request:

The pattern is based on a previous pattern I shared: Very useful baby booties, you can find those on my previous post. 

This time I made a few changes and embellished them to look like Yellow submarines:



I found some inspiration on Pinterest,  but made my own version because I wanted them to look more authentique, I even made four windows for each bootie, I wanted to put them all on the same side but it was too much for one side so I put two on the front and two on the back, but still there is one window for each one of the Beatles. 

(detail of propeller)

(detail of side embellishment)

This embellishment was hard to make, I wanted it to look like the red/pink/blue "window" on the original submarine...

It's obvious that is not the same but I was very happy with the flavor it added to the booties, specially considering the size it has.

In the pattern I forgot to mention it but the hook I used is a # 4, and all small details: empellishment, periscope, windows were crocheted with a #2 hook and a lighther weight yarn. 

Ok so with no further words, I present you the Yellow submarine baby booties pattern:
This time the pattern is on Jpeg, for easier download, let me know how do you like this way, or if you prefer a PDF uploaded to 4Shared like I've done in the past.

Thanks for reading,
Happy Crocheting!

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